TenGenix FAQ

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions that we get from our customers. See if this list answers any of your questions. Feel free to drop us a message if you can’t find the answers to your questions on this page.

What can I expect after taking TenGenix?

TenGenix has both immediate and long-term effects. Immediate effects include improved erectile function, better orgasm control, enhanced libido, firmer erections, and sexual endurance. Long-term effects include permanent penis enlargement, improved natural testosterone production, and reduced refractory period.

How soon can I expect results after taking TenGenix?

Some of the benefits that users get out of TenGenix could be experienced in as quickly as 30 minutes after taking the first dose, especially its huge libido boost and improved erections. Penis enlargement is a much more delicate matter, but it would only take a median period of about two weeks of consistent use to gain significant results.

Is TenGenix like Viagra?

Yes, and No. Viagra is an erectile dysfunction drug that requires a prescription before you can buy it from your pharmacy. TenGenix on the other hand, is a supplement, which means that you would not need to secure a prescription to buy it from our website. However, TenGenix contains ingredients that mimic the effects of Viagra. TenGenix has natural PDE-5 inhibitors which enable it to function just like Viagra, minus the health risks associated with the famed blue pill.

What are the ingredients in TenGenix?

TenGenix contains a core group of ingredients that are designed to work in perfect synergy. These are: Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, and Muira Puama. Each ingredient works to enhance the effects of the other ingredients in the formula.

Does TenGenix contain fillers?

No. On the contrary, TenGenix is about as compact as you can get from a male enhancement pill. Its dosing size (two capsules) has one of the most packed ingredients that you can ever see in a supplement. Each ingredient in TenGenix is extracted with the highest potency available, which allowed us to keep the dosing light and compact, but highly effective.

Is it safe to take TenGenix with vitamins?

Absolutely. TenGenix is mild on the body, but intense on your sexual health. TenGenix would not interfere with your daily supplementation and vitamins. You can take TenGenix with bodybuilding supplements, fat burners, and multivitamins.

Do I need to talk to a doctor before taking TenGenix?

TenGenix is generally safe for healthy individuals. However, we recommend people who have been diagnosed, or is being treated for a cardiovascular disease to check with their physician when taking TenGenix or any other supplement for that matter. TenGenix’s effectiveness has a lot to do with blood flow, and it may interfere with maintenance medication associated with blood pressure.

Can I get a refund if TenGenix does not work for me?

Absolutely. We believe that the mark of a trustworthy brand is the willingness to back claims up with a guarantee. We offer our customers with a 30-day money back guarantee. If TenGenix doesn’t work for you, just let us know and we’ll give you a refund. It’s as simple as that.









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