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This pill is crazy! I’ve only been using it for 3 weeks, and I’ve never felt so invincible. Like I got electricity in my veins every time I have sex. It just feels so good. SO GOOD. It’s an experience beyond words. You have to experience it for yourselves! I’ve never felt so young before. Buying another batch of TenGenix. Thank you!

Derrick Peterson

Atlanta, GA

At my age, people already have it in their heads that I can’t get mine up. I’m fit, healthy, and I’ve never had any major health issues. However, the stereotype is true. A 51 y/o man would find it difficult to get it up – no matter how young I look. I decided to give TenGenix a shot. After a few weeks of taking it daily, I noticed that I was getting more energetic. I decided to give it a try. I’m in an oldie swinger’s club and now people my age find it hard to keep it up with me. I’ve had several dates with younger lasses and even they can’t keep up with me. Can’t complain. God bless science is all I can say.

Murphy Thomas

Miami, FL

My fiancé is an offshore drilling consultant, which requires him to be away for several weeks at a time. One time, he was scheduled to be gone for a month. He bought TenGenix to take with him, and thought it would be a good idea so I can see if there’s any real change. He came back, and I swear – it wasn’t just longer, it was thicker! I thought it was too much for a petite woman like me, but it just felt so good. I thought that one month away was a reason to have passionate sex, but with his big penis in my mind I can’t help but be a dirty, dirty gal in bed!

Jen Baker

Baltimore, MD

I had it in my mind that I’d buy the pill, take about a month’s worth of pills then call you guys back, yellin’ and screamin’ that the pill didn’t work to get my money back. Free pills and all, since you offer a money back guarantee. But man, I was not expecting TenGenix to work at all! Two weeks was all it took for me to decide never to ask you for a refund, but call in and get more! All I can say is, I’m XL now, bitches! Come and get it!

Rick Crabbe

Detroit, MI

I bought TenGenix off of your website, and took it straight for two weeks. I wasn’t expecting anything, really. I just saw your ad and thought why not? I didn’t have a partner to shag, and it was more of a curiosity thing for me. I thought that I better show up with something fancy in my pants in case my hot secretary gives me a nasty wink, if you know what I mean. A few weeks of taking TenGenix, and I kid you not – my secretary was all over me! I guess that pheromone thing in TenGenix really works. Oh and by the way – THICK penis. Girls love it. I know my secretary does.

Matt Harrington

Austin, TX









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